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We are so sorry but, because of lack of money, we may not give solution to the problems come out on these pages of dictionaries. We hope we will be going to make it as soon as possible.

Borca di Cadore, March 01 2017

We are particularly glad we can offer now, to all the visitors of our website, this on line version of two dictionaries, Italian-Ladin (“Vocabolario italiano-ladino di Selva di Cadore. Taliàn – Selvàn” by Don Lorenzo Dell'Andrea,1997) and Ladin-Italian (“Il dialetto nei paesi cadorini d'Oltrechiusa. San Vito – Borca – Vodo. III edizione – anastatica, by Vincenzo Menegus Tamburin, 1997). Special thanks to the authors and the editors for permitting us to make it.

This section of the website is going to be developed step by step- that’s our aim!- up to include other dictionaries representing the dialectal variety of our area.


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Consulta il vocabolario

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